Many times I am asked about setting up a speaker cabined for a particular load impedance. This site below makes it easy to lay out your speakers and see what happens with different layouts. You can keep re-arranging them till you get a pattern that works for you (and learn in the process). Don't be hesitant to incorporate a "Dummy Load" resistor if needed in your cabinet. One of equal value and load capacity is always better than improper loading of your amplifier. Tube amps have an expensive and hard to replace output transformer that will be sacrificed if you load it wrong. Solid-State amps will get very hot and fry the output transistors on the heat sink with any load below the rated range printed on the back. Never go below 2 ohms in any arrangement for sound systems no matter what anyone says. 2 ohms or less is basically a short.

      Speaker calculator.

      Resistors - If you are an OEM business looking for high precision resistors, look to Riedon.

      Custom Circuit Boards
      For your custom circuit board manufacturing needs, contact for your next pcb quote.

      The Blue Guitar has tips for getting to your sound, providing information mods and material you need to craft your own sound.

      GEOFEX Guitar Effects. Comprehensive site on theory's of operation and clone design layouts.

      The best Music Theory site I have found is from Ricci Adams'.

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