Leather Holsters

Zoom® 9000 Effects Processor Holster.

Zoom 9000 Holster front

This Has Been Around Awhile.

      My first guitar effects holster lacing project. I was real excited about my new effects processor at the time. I had to protect it and make it road worthy for camping. It doesn't take long though to get real with acoustic guitars out on camp trips and beach parties. Still, it has seen a lot of use and does it's job to this day. The unit is not broke, scratched, or failed in any way. I even have a PDF version of the manual I made up as as one of my first document to PDF learning projects.

Zoom 9000 Holster side

      This side view gives a good look at the lacing. The back is open and the Z-9000 slides out by pushing the thumbs on the display and sliding the cover off. The heavy lacing makes a lip that keeps it in.

      A soft feel for the button locations was made by removing the case cover from the electronics, wetting the top leather and pressing it into the holes where the buttons were. After the leather dried I shaved the back side of the leather off with a skive, making the leather thinner over the buttons.


   My own transcription with original art of the Zoom® 9000 Owners Manual in PDF format

Hand Cut and Stitched Desert Eagle® Shoulder Holster
Desert Eagle Shoulder Holster with Pad
Long Wearing Comfort.

      This design is based on an X-back shoulder strap design and incorporates a shoulder pad to help bear the weight of the loaded Desert Eagle® and the opposing two clip pouch. This makes long wearing times much more comfortable and eliminates any tangling found with other strap shoulder holsters. The 44-mag shoulder holster pictured is more than twenty years old now. It has two points of adjustment for the wearers size, so one-size-fits-all. The 1/2 inch wide, slick nylon strap is a common product and can be easily changed out or replaced for wear. The single length of webbing snakes through the entire design and through cleats and buckles. Just put it on and work the strap around and through the shoulder pad and buckles. The two mid-point buckles on the holster ears distribute the weight under both arms forward or backward for the ideal fit. Any strap-tail at the clip pouch may be trimmed and seared off to close the fitting. Designed for discretion, function, neatness, and do much decoration. Saddle leather, suede liners and pads, chrome steel and black nylon hardware, heavy cotton cord stitching, sewn with a hand awl. I am no longer in a production mode for leather work but will get around to new projects as time permits.

Gun Holsters

Fine detail without a manufactured look.

      Everything is all hand cut and stitched. I don't even own a sewing machine. Each design clearly one of a kind. A custom design can go through some development and pieces get scrapped if they don't work out. Leather straps, nylon straps, plastic or metal buckles, all sorts of thread for stitching can be used with the fun part being the hand lacing when a real nice edge is desired. Most of the laced pieces can get a little creaky sounding when the wearer moves with the piece, so if you want quiet, get the work stitched and skip the fancy lacing.

Pattern Instructions.
Pattern Tracing Instructions

      Designs are built from a butterfly pencil tracing with an inch scale marked on it. Final forming for the holster to the piece can be done by you with only water and a little hand squeezing while watching a movie for a couple of hours. That's the fun part, working the leather with the fingers, pushing it into the shape and kerning the edges until it fits perfectly and the piece slides in just right. Change you mind? Add more water and re-work it until it's perfect. (Be sure the piece is not loaded while doing this). It's best not to put on a wet harness and wear it till dry. The leather may stretch too much in places and ruin the final results. When the leather is fully dried after a day or two, it can be sealed with a good leather oil, or just boot wax polish, matching or complementing the color of the dye work. Rub several different polishes together and get an aged look with deeper tones in the folds and stitching. Then let the harness do it's job to get everything in the right place.

No longer in a production mode.

      Any project requests will take a while for me to cut. I am getting on and have too many other people, young and old to take care of now. I will entertain ideas for leather projects but can not promise quick turnover any more.

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