Digital Arts

       All images on the pages throughout this site are my own original works and constructs from photos incorporating heavy manipulation using digital tools. Vector tools are my choice for fleshing out a drawing, with final finishing touches applied with a bitmap editor. Work starts with asking what the customer is expecting to do with the image. Asking if it is a CD jacket, or a trade show backdrop is a good place to start. Smaller or larger than a dog house. These questions may even determine whether a machine can handle the job. In the case of large format, photographic quality images (like a picture of a person enlarged to billboard size).

CD / Music Projects

  •   eccentric     (historic)

        My early work in graphic design, sound and lighting engineer and performance support with original material artists in the late seventies. I manufactured the lighting system, ran it and worked the soundboard for shows. This band resulted after an article referred to "Modern Problems" as Portland's most eccentric cover band. Later Paramount studios sent the band a letter informing the them of a movie in production starring Chevy Chase and Whoopie Goldberg called "Modern Problems", and that the bands fliers and name where in violation of Paramount's copyrights. They [Modern Problems] called the musician's union and asked what they where paying dues for, and was told that the union only had local authority. That ended any interest in the musicians union. After that they decided to go all original and take the name eccentric.

Disco, and a prominent local promoter killed them and many other local bands. I still hold many live tapes and demo masters of these guys.

- Click- to read the write ups from the old rags of the day. They got excellent reviews and were expected to do well.

Modern Problems thumb        eccentric Article Thumb        eccentric CD

  •   Legacy - Chiseled in Chalk - (MIA)

Legacy CD Cover
Legacy CD Back
Legacy CD inside

      This was my second CD project. Made in 2001

  •   Today - "(band of the same name)" - (click) Available from the artist.

Today CD cover
Today CD inside
Today CD back Today CD disk

      This was my third CD project. Made and released in 2005.
      Follow the link to Izabella's Canvas and listen to "Down" off this CD.

  •   AK-47 - "Lock & Load" - (click) Available from the artist.

AK47 CD cover AK47 CD back

      This was my fourth CD project. Made and released in 2005.

Indian Test Pattern

Digital Indian Test Pattern       Test Pattern ( TP.jpg ) 1024x768. (click) For the full sized image.


Schematic examples.

Stage Rig Hookups              Utlra Vibe wiring


Wheel of Fifths           Zoom PS-02®  Quick reference card I made up to keep info handy.
            Click images for the larger picture.

Circle of Fifths thumb pix PS-02 Q R Card front PS-02 Q R Card back


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