Leather Hand Crafting, Graphic Layout, Electronics, Support for Musicians.

      This site provides information to help you keep your performance on the move, your guitar out of the pawn shop and offers Custom Leather crafting, Guitar and Electronic repairs and Digital Graphics work as may suit your needs. I will also present a basic understanding of Chord Theory.

      Site features are a Zoom 9000 Operations Manual I transcribed as my first PDF export document test, a reverse-engineered Parker Fly Classic Guitar schematic and drawings of the troublesome Flex Tapes used in the older Parker Fly guitars. And an evolving project report on my efforts to side-step more expensive third party upgrades options to retrofit my old Marshall JMP-1 starting with the old "Dr Boost!" French article on modifications. See my Links page for other well researched and helpful sites for you to to visit. I hope these pages will be of interest and I welcome visitors comments.

Musicians Support.
     A note on buying your first, (and subsequently any) Guitar.

      There are a lot of little problems that can slow a new player down. Not often skilled in the mechanical aspects of an instrument, many potential musicians have poorly set up instruments to work with. Players get impatient learning and feeling good about their progress, maybe having saved too much money on their first instrument. Poorly set up or just plain broken instruments are often sold second hand to optimistic new musicians. Hairline cracks, internal breaks, poor adjustments, bad materials and other mysteries to the artist can all combine to take a players interest down. If an instrument seems difficult to play or it wears you out while you are trying to play it, I can guarantee there is something to be desired in the setup. The wrong strings, stiff or high action, weak sound from poor pickups. I will try to help you find your answers and keep your costs down while getting your equipment tuned up. Contact me with an email if you have a question I may be able to help you with.

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E-mail me with your questions. Anything having to do with leather, electronics, instruments.

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About Me.

      My history is with commercial and consumer electrical repairs, analog and digital electronics, graphics design and live stage technical support and care of musical instruments and stage performance equipment. Also producing web site designs, digital graphics, large format trade show graphics, manual illustrations, brochures and banners, CD art and layouts and computer support.

      I really enjoy fine guitar repairs, leather crafting and woodcarving as well and excel at fixing things, fast, using whatever is around at the moment. Most anything worth fixing, (which is not to say much in the way of consumer electronics these days). In my designs I lean towards the practical in an effort to produce something that is not only useful, but lasting, both in design and function. Someone once referred to me as "the most linier thinker he had ever met". I worked for him for over 23 years. Being a craftsman, I like to focus on one thing a day and do it well. If you have something broken that cannot be replaced for the cost of repairs, please drop me an email. "If I can't fix it, It's not broken".

• A lot of great leather pieces went out without being photographed. See the "Leathers" and "Holsters" tabs for more leather project images.

• The arch-top guitar pictured above had its soundboard broken into nine pieces at a beach party. I was asked to put it back together, using the original pieces. We had to send someone back to the beach to retrieve one of the pieces. Pictured is the final, re-assembled top after it was mounted back onto the guitar body. I stripped off its original finish using shaped cabinet scraper blades, treated it with tung oil, and polished it by hand. See the "Guitars" tab for more repair project pictures.

• The Carved wood frame was carved by my great grandfather. I am replacing the missing pieces of wood and carving out repairs using the chisels he left in the family.

• The test pattern image is a digital image I drew for fun and use as wallpaper on my PC. I always thought the test patterns looked like sand paintings done by native indians. See the "Digital Arts" tab for other graphics projects and examples.

      Sincerely,  JMStaehli.com

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